Claudia Duffy

Where does she fit in?

Claudia joined the team in June 2017.  Claudia is concerned with all aspects of innovation and IP capture, strategy and management and particularly with patent portfolio management, patent drafting and prosecution. She has a strong interest in entrepreneurship and is keen to help businesses identify and develop their IP strategies. Claudia is organised, meticulous and determined and at the same time thrives on new projects and challenges and meeting new people.

Skills and experience?

Claudia is a well-qualified scientist.  A physicist and a chemist, Claudia’s technical skills and experience have evolved across several industry sectors spanning electronics through to material science and medical devices.  Claudia obtained a BSc in Physics and Chemistry from West University in Timişoara, Romania followed by an applied MSc in Physics between West University and Technische Universität, Munich and a Masters project (in semiconductor memory device characterisation) at Siemens/Infineon Technologies in Munich.  Claudia then was awarded a PhD, which she did in the Optoelectronics Group at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Henning Sirringhaus. Her PhD thesis (on Small Molecule Organic Thin Film Transistors) was wholly sponsored by Hitachi. Claudia has worked in the patent profession for 9 years, both in private practice (at firms in London and Cambridge) and as in-house patent counsel with Eight19 and Cambridge Display Technology Ltd (now part of Sumitomo Chemical Company).  More recently, Claudia was Business Development Executive – Engineering with Sunergos Innovations at the University of Edinburgh initiating the company’s IP commercialisation program in Engineering Sciences.  Claudia is also multilingual having, in addition to her native Romanian, fluent English and intermediate French and German.

And in her spare time?

Claudia is a keen networker and interested to establish and grow a community of Cambridge alumni in Edinburgh. She is the Head of the Scottish Network for Cambentrepreneurs, a group founded by two major investors to support business and social entrepreneurship among Cambridge University alumni. She is also a committee member of the Cambridge Society of Edinburgh.

But what does she do for fun?

Aside from spending time with her young family, Claudia enjoys outdoor activities and visiting historic sites.

Claudia Duffy