Michael Ellis

What does he do?

Michael helps clients add value to their business through IP capture, protection and commercialisation. He is a chartered and European patent attorney, European trade mark and design attorney. But he takes a broader view – IP consultant, your in-house counsel, your business advisor. Quality, professionalism, approachability, flexibility and relevance are central to everything Michael does.

Does he know his onions?

He has good credentials, certainly, and qualifications coming out of his ears. Michael has worked in the patent profession since 1999, in private practice in London, as in-house council with Kodak, and as a business consultant with a cleantech consultancy; and has run Ellis IP since 2006. He is a qualified UK and European patent attorney, has a degree in Chemistry (Edinburgh) and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Nottingham) and an MBA (Imperial).

Approach and style?

Substance over style is Michael’s business premise. He likes to get to know the client, their commercial drivers and business objectives. He identifies how we can help and add value; and whether we know someone who can add value to your business. Approachable, low key but proactive, Michael tells you how it is. The more involved he is, the more proactive he can be, the more relevant his advice and the more value he can add.

Technical expertise

Broadly speaking, Michael works in chemistry, materials and the life sciences but also in other technologies. He works with clients in cleantech, diagnostics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and polymers. He has particular interest in hydrogen and fuel cells and industrial biotech. Niche areas he works in include low carbon buildings, functional sports apparel, musical instruments and industrial-designed consumer products.

It’s not all work is it?

Michael is a mentor for new business start-ups and entrepreneurs (including with Entrepreneurial Spark) – he is passionate about entrepreneurship and enterprise and likes to ask the stupid questions and challenge assumptions. Michael is also on the European Qualifying Examinations committee for patent attorneys for the legal paper. He acts/acted as mentor and coach for student business and commercialisation competitions and programmes at Edinburgh University, the Licensing Executives Society International. Michael is also involved with CIPA, the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys as representative for Scotland (2014/15).

No, seriously, it’s not all work is it?

Living by the sea, Michael occasionally dips his toe in the water (or tries not to) sailing, rowing and kayaking and plays volleyball and badminton to a low standard. He swears while doing DIY, comes nearly last at quizzes and can juggle.

Michael Ellis