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So long Daisuke and Sanjeevan and thanks to IAESTE

So long Daisuke and Sanjeevan and thanks to IAESTE
Monday, November 27th, 2017 / no comments /

We said our goodbyes to this year’s IAESTE interns with Ellis IP, Daisuke Mashima from Japan and Sanjeevan Sigdel from Nepal, having spent 12 weeks with us.

IAESTE ( is an international organisation that arranges opportunities for internships for science and engineering students around the world, building bridges between nations and providing that valuable experience for undergraduate and graduate students. It has over 80 member countries. In the UK, the IAESTE programme is administered by the British Council. We have been led to believe that Ellis IP is the first IP firm in the UK to participate in the IAESTE programme.

Sanjeevan joined us from The British College in Kathmandu to undertake an IT-related project for us. He demonstrated an excellent attitude, very resourceful, a self-starter and hard worker. Add to that his engaging personality and openness. We are honoured that Sanjeevan spent his summer here in Edinburgh, his first trip out of Nepal. Sanjeevan has now returned to Nepal to complete his studies. In his last weekend, we provided a genuine Scottish experience in a packed pub watching Scotland’s agonising exit from World Cup qualifiers with a 2-2 draw away to Slovenia. Then showed him the views from North Berwick law, Scotland’s 8914th highest peak at 187 m above sea level. Heady heights for a Nepalese.

Daisuke, a muscle biology and meat science Masters student at Kyushu University, assisted us with mini-projects exploring IP landscapes and IP searching strategies using the Patnsap search and IP intelligence tool ( for our associates in the biotech and electronics sectors. A dedicated worker, Daisuke was always willing to take on a new challenge outwith his areas of comfort. He is quite well travelled already. Daisuke moved on to another internship in Texas before returning to his studies in Japan. We celebrated his last day in the office with Tacos and Margaritas at the excellent El Cartel in Thistle Street.

We look forward to keeping in touch with both in the future. They have set the bar high for future interns.