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Aiming High

Aiming High
Saturday, August 5th, 2017 / no comments / , , ,

We’ve given a lot of thought to this.  About what our core principles should be. And really I believe that we should endeavour to achieve a number of things.  They are providing good service that adds value to client businesses, looking after our people, respecting and look after our planet, and giving something back by supporting good causes.

First and foremost, we are patent, trade mark and design attorneys and IP consultants, so high quality, professional IP advice and service is important.  We have always valued high standards and will endeavour to continue and to maintain them.  *High quality professional IP service.

Our service is provided by talented individuals across the business and via our careful selection of representatives around the world.  So finding the right people for our team, the right consultants and the right international representatives really matters.  Let’s start at home.  We want to find talented, effective and motivated people and ensure Ellis IP is a great place to work so that they are motivated to do their best for our clients and to stay here to help grow our business.  We aim to do this by offering good training, opportunities for growth, encouraging entrepreneurship, supporting a good work-life balance and rewarding success.  We also want to provide the opportunity to people to engage with us who want to learn, to grow our Ellis IP family and long term relationships.  *Believing in our people.

Our clients’ businesses are commercial enterprises. We need to understand how our work contributes to their business and adds value. There is no one-size-fits-all.  We need to shape our advice and service to the particular needs of each client, even if that means educating ourselves on their business or educating clients on ours.  *An holistic approach.

We work at the forefront of innovation – we should be able to look at things differently, provide enhanced services delivered in better ways to add value to our clients businesses.  *Innovating to add value.

We’re in this for the long haul.  We hope our clients are too.  It is important to build relationships with our clients that allow us to work with them as long as we make a valuable contribution.  We’ll share our contacts, make introductions, use our network, engage our networks, get to know our clients’ needs, try and provide bespoke solutions.  *Building relationships.

Related to this is trust and communication, not to mention pricing.  We are not trying to be cheap.  We are about adding value.  Excellent people, applied skills, context appreciated, clearly communicated and effectively delivered.  But the costs must be understood.  We will endeavour to make our costs clear to our clients and be transparent in our pricing and budgeting.  *Clear communications, transparent pricing.

We strongly believe that we should not too negatively impact upon the planet by our existence and our work. Every business should aim to minimise the environmental damage, the CO2 emissions, the carbon footprint of their actions and activities.  We will be looking at how we can improve by reducing our impact, whilst maintaining our service, standards and effectiveness.  *Striving for sustainability.

Yes, we want to add value to our client businesses and help make them successful.  Yes, we want to make work a nice environment for our people.  Yes, we want to make a decent living out of this. But there is more to life.  And many deserving causes that try to help those less fortunate, to help people do better for themselves, to provide access to culture and sporting opportunities. There are so many charities and causes that do good, that we should be supporting and celebrating.  We will be trying to do more.  *Celebrating good causes.

So that’s it.  Aiming high. Eight key themes that define our purpose.  How we can do better.