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Careers in Ideas – IP Inclusive

Careers in Ideas – IP Inclusive
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Careers in Ideas officially launches today, 10th April 2018. It is an initiative of IP Inclusive. Ellis IP is proud to be an early signatory to IP Inclusive and to sponsor the Careers in Ideas initiative. Here’s to greater diversity and more talent in the IP professions.

Behind IP Inclusive are some very socially conscious individuals with a drive to make the Intellectual Property industry/profession more inclusive to all within it and to those wishing to enter it and encourage and celebrate diversity within the IP professions.

As I understand, IP Inclusive has been driven by Andrea Brewster OBE (patent attorney and former CIPA president) and Parminder Lally (patent attorney) and a number of others.

In a previous article (Aiming High) we wrote about our 8 key themes for Ellis IP, the core principles that define us. Central among these are people. So finding the right people who are motivated to deliver an excellent service for our clients, to help our business grow and to enjoy a rewarding career is really important. To that end, we will strive to offer good training opportunities, encourage entrepreneurship, support a good work-life balance and reward success. So, it makes absolute sense that we were among the early signatories to IP Inclusive. It really strikes a chord with us.

And it makes absolute sense that we should support the Careers in Ideas initiative. So, we are delighted and proud that we have been able to provide valuable sponsorship to the Careers in Ideas initiative which has allowed it to create its website and develop its resources and now launches formally tonight in central London. Careers in Ideas is a powerful, profession-wide outreach initiative which can add strength and credibility to individual organisations’ recruitment efforts.

We are delighted and proud, that is, despite the fact that we do not love the name Careers in Ideas. It might work really nicely in some accents in the UK, but with even a gentle Scottish accent, it doesn’t quite work. So, until I think of a better alternative, whenever I read it, I will just have to knap it in my head.

If you are looking for a career in IP, at whatever stage, in whatever role and whatever level and want to find out more, please check out the website

And from Ellis IP, a big thank you to the people who have put all the energy, time and thought into both IP Inclusive and Careers in Ideas!