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Ellis IP supporting Cambentrepreneurs

Monday, November 20th, 2017 / no comments / , ,

Assisting and inspiring the starting, growing and investment in outstanding businesses and entrepreneurial communities, providing a structure to share knowledge, experience and networks and to bring together like-minded people to share their experience and help each other. These are among the fundamental objectives of Cambentrepreneurs and resonate very much with the principles and work of Ellis IP for its clients and for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is why Ellis IP is delighted to support Cambentrepreneurs by sponsoring its Edinburgh events.

We start with this coming Thursday 23rd November 2017 and ‘How Serial Entrepreneurs Think’:
Cambentrepreneurs ( is committed to creating a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem, making use of the expertise and experience of its alumni network to support the business growth and social entrepreneurship among Cambridge University alumni, current students and others.

Started in 2017, there have been events so far Edinburgh, London, New York and Warsaw. And there are ambitions for more.

Cambentrepreneurs’ value lies in the idea that if everyone gives more than they get, everyone gets more than they give. I think that’s called synergy.