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Welcome to IAESTE Intern Daisuke Mashima

Welcome to IAESTE Intern Daisuke Mashima
Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 / no comments /

Daisuke Mashima joined Ellis IP this summer from Japan where he is a student at Kyushu University ( in Fukuoka. He is studying muscle biology and meat science at the school of Agriculture. He has joined under the IAESTE programme.

IAESTE ( is an international organisation that arranges opportunities for international internships for science and engineering students around the world, with the worthy goals of building bridges between nations and providing that valuable experience for undergraduate and graduate students. It has over 80 member countries. In the UK, the IAESTE programme is administered by the British Council.

Mashima-san has an entrepreneurial spirit, enjoys travelling, has good interpersonal skills and a love of cooking Japanese food. For that last reason alone, we were looking forward to welcoming him. He has come to Ellis IP because he understands the relevance of IP to provide incentive and return to innovators and entrepreneurs and is keen to learn more about an IP office in an international setting.

He is undertaking a number of projects to explore how we can better use IP landscapes and IP searching for our clients and other organisations in the food and drink, industrial biotech and electronics sectors, using the Patnsap search and IP intelligence tool ( We look forward to the outcome of his work.

Welcome Mashima-san.